Interview : Arizona Muse

Arizona Museのインタビューがありました
bellazonのFierce Chloeという方が翻訳したものです

bellazon:Fierce Chloe

Q : Are you a model because of a vocation, a dream, or by chance ?

Arizona : It wasn't a child dream but it became one.

Q : is that your real name ?

Arizona : Certainly: Arizona Muse is really my name. I was born in Arizona although I grew up in Santa Fe. My mother's english and she always was fascinated by the desert, so here's the name's choice.

Q : Best memory of this first fashion week ?

Arizona :  I loved it, even if when it ended I was exhausted..I'm ready to start again infebruary.

Q : Coming for a while in Paris, what have you brought back as a gift, or memory ?

Arizona : Exceptionnal moments, atypical conversations, I'm feeling good out there...well here, in your home.

Q : While you were at all those castings, what book did you devour ?

Arizona : Peace Meals, by Anna Badkhen.

Q : What is the campaign you've just signed for ?

Arizona : It's top secret ! You'll have to wait until february to found out.

Q : What's your fashion style ?

Arizona : Whatever I'm feeling good in. Right now it's black, lace and fur.

Q : Is there any boyfriend somewhere around ?

Arizona : The answer is no.

Q : Where did you hang your hat ?

Arizona : Brooklyn

Arizona Museっていう名前は本名なんですね...

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