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How do you keep your skin looking fresh when running from one show to the next?
I use a quality moisturiser religiously morning and night. When I’m not being made up for a show, I don’t wear any foundation or powder and make sure my face is clean so my skin can breathe.

Do you spend time styling you hair before you go out at night?
Not really, I like a more casual look so I use a generous spritz of surf spray for some texture and a mess it up a bit with my fingers.

What’s your make-up bag essential?
It has to be a simple black kohl liner. I don’t really mind what brand it is, I always slick it on for a night out.

Will you be going for the nail art trend this season?
I’d love to but I would always be removing it for shows so I just keep it simple and go for a clear polish. My golden rule for nails is short and clean.

Do you have a signature fragrance?
I always wear Gucci by Gucci - it’s timeless.

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Q: どうやってその綺麗な肌を保ってるの?

朝晩quality moisturiser(保湿乳液?)を使ってる

Q: 髪の毛のセットはどれくらい時間掛けるの?

spritz of surf spray(スプレー)を掛けて手櫛で立体感を出すくらい

Q: メイクポーチには何入ってるの?

普通のblack kohl liner(アイライナー?)。ブランドは特に気にしない

Q: ネイルのトレンドは?

Q: お気に入りの香水は?

Gucci by Gucci - it’s timeless.


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