Estella Boersma : New face from Wilma Wakker

Estella Boersma
Agency : Wilma Wakker
Country : Nethterlands 

Height: 172 cm
Shoes: 38
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Wilma Wakker cast an upcoming dutch girl. She made an impression on me, that resembles Kim Noorda  to see for the first time. But she has different from Kim indeed. Edgy sensibility, Im fascinated by...

Wilma Wakkerに新しいモデルが登場していますが、Kim Noordaを思い起こさせる風貌ですね。ただ、まったく違うのがその目元で、Kimにはない、ちょっと尖った雰囲気が印象的かな

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