Zuzanna Bijoch, Yumi Lambert...(2013/4/30)

About Zuzanna's article is here, but Polish, I cant read

But Pictures are amazing !

Zuzannaの記事が上記アドレスから見れるみたいですが、ポーランド語のようですね。グーグル使ってもちょっときつそうかな。Fashion Spotのだれかが英訳してくれることを祈ります...

Zuzanna Bijoch





Thank you for translating ! 


Yumi Lambert


from Fashion Spot → Yumi Lamvert

Her doll face and her bright green eyes seduced Chanel who appears in their spring summer campaign, alongside Stella Tenant and Ondria Hardin. At 17, the Belgian-Japanese Yumi Lambert is transformed for Jalouse into a pop geisha under Erwin Olaf.

How did you become a model?
 I first tried my luck at the Elite competition, without success. I persevered, and after some time I ran to Dominique agency in Belgium. I saw myself becoming a psychologist or chemist: obviously fate reserve me a different route, and for the moment, it suits me perfectly

Have you ever experienced the excitement of a fashion week?
 My first show was last September: I walked for Prada, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Nina Ricci and many more ... An extraordinary and unique feeling.

How was shooting "Pop Geisha"?
 The atmosphere was great, I loved the team, I think remember all my life! On the other-side, the hotel was really, you know ... very strange: it was a renovated jail!

Where can you be found in Brussels?
 Louise on the Rue Neuve (The Champs-Elysees Brussels) or Comptoir Florian, Saint Boniface Avenue, sipping a very good tea.

What are your musical inspirations?
 I would Ratatat, The Lightnin 3 or Little Sister. In general, I do not cling to musicthat is commercial, that you can listen to the radio.

What do you do with your free time?
 I play sports, I go to the swimming pool, cinema and a coffee with friends. But I also love just being at home with family.

Your plans for 2013?
 I do not like to stay in twiddling my thumbs, so I hope this year will be busy! I would say that my short-term goal is to get my driving license.


Joséphine Le Tutour

 Manuela Frey, Joséphine Le Tutour

 Vanessa Axente

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