Lucan Gillespie : New Face

Lucan Gillespie

Heigh : 5'7 / 170
Waist : 23 / 59
Hips : 34 / 86
Shoe : W 40.5 / 7
Hair Color : Blonde
Eyes : Blue/Green

Select Model Management

Select Model Management cast fantastic new face. She has already done with latest J.W.Anderson Ad Campaign, and appeared at Mulberry's Tim Walker Story Teller party. Why is she with Big names? Althougn I dont know about it, very interesting.

Select Model Managementがなかなかビッグな新人を輩出しそうですね。今最も話題のデザイナーの一人であるJ.W.Andersonの最新広告に登場したのが彼女です。まだ詳細はまったく不明ですが、Tim Walkerのパーティーにも現れたりと、経歴も気になる所。


J.W.Anderson Ad Campaign 2013FW

Mulberry's Tim Walker Story Teller party



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  1. Lucan Gillespie's father is a film director and she attends an extremely expensive school. Why is she modelling? For the same reason as Jean Campbell. Money and connections. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes. Any shoot going her way could just be something her parents ask/ pay for her to experience. Can't wait for the modelling world to scout NORMAL beautiful and TALL girls. Lucan is nearly 16 and definitely NOT 5'7 (agencies add an inch or two). When you really look at her face it isn't anything special, and her hair is obviously lightened to be that blonde because the roots change in every photo. She is not a 'normal blonde haired blue eyed angel found on the streets'. Her eyes aren't even properly blue! Sorry I'm doing this but as a fashion lover I am fed up with looking at models and thinking...why are they modelling? Then doing some research and finding out how rich and well connected these girls are. Rant over

    1. woa not surprising considering how much work shes getting. Hate her now, im sick of it too. too many girls who don't look much yet r connected and get work. BORING

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Why do people have to be so spiteful? She is a beautiful and very young girl. Leave her alone!

    4. There are millions of beautiful girls, and because they are normal, they do not have opportunities. Nepotism is not something to be a fan of dude :)

  2. This girl was at my school, her hairs not lightened and she was scouted in the street same as most models. She's 16, didn't choose her father and is a natural blonde.. dont be so mean!

  3. How do you know all this if she was just someone at your school? She could use things on her hair for all you know. And I'm not saying she wasn't scouted, I'm saying that she will have advantages because of her lifestyle and connections which agencies love. They love a bit of wealth and posh lifestyle. A lot of girls have parents struggling to make money in some dead end job, going to normal schools with no money involved. The fees for the school she goes to, her parents profession, everything, how can you say it has nothing to do with it. Oh and by the way, I said 'she's nearly 16' meaning that she is 15 about to turn 16. So by you saying she is 16 shows how little you know? She isn't. Perhaps before you defend someone you 'know' then you should at least know their age...



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