Romy Van De Laar, Sanne de Vries : Upcoming dutch models

Romy Van De Laar, Sanne de Vries, the two dutch models will be the stars who shake the fashion industry, i believe. Romy worked local fashion show, and editorials. Sanne walked at Amsterdam Fashion Week a few days ago. Sanne is too young for Fashion week on September. But Romy could be ready for it. I hope they are at. 

Romy Van De LaarとSanne de Vriesはオランダ出身のデビュー前のモデルです。が、その二人の持つ才能というのは既にもう垣間見えてきており、9月のファッションウィークに期待が集まります。Sanneはたぶん年齢的に無理そうですが、Romyは出て欲しいなと。アムステルダムのファッションウィークにも一切出ておらず、Elite Manegementの隠し刀と言うべきでしょうかね

Romy Van De Laar

Elite Amsterdam 

from romyvandelaar/instagram

Sanne de Vries

Micha Models

Sanne at  DORHOUT MEES for Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014SS




from devriessanne_/instagram

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