PRADA 2015SS menswear show

There could not be exclusive debuted girl. Latest prada girls gathered at prada menswear collection. Rianne and Daphne Simons joined as new prada girls.
#The 2nd girl is new face Adrienne Juliger , not Harleth.

今回は二番目のAdrienne Juliger以外は以前から注目されていたPradaガールたちが集まったイメージですね。Alexandra Elizabeth、Daphne Simons、Rianne von Rompaey、みたいにBalenciagaデビュー組もいたり、なかなか新鮮なキャスティングだなあと。

Mica Arganaraz

Adrienne Jüliger

Alexandra Elizabeth

Lexi Boling

Daphne Simons

Helena Severin

Malaika Firth

 Jitte Oerlemans

Julie Hoomans

Ine Neefs

Julia Bergshoeff

Rianne von Rompaey

All images from nowfashion and style.com


Prada Official Live Streaming

Now fashion Live images

They are at Porta Genova in Milan, for Prada ?

Sofie Buyse, Julia Veilex, Marije Kea

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