Maggie Jablonski, Julia Bergshoeff...(2014/8/30)

Models seems to come gather at New York, for walking latest fashion week in the edge of summer. Girls skipped NY because of too young or various reasons also did too. Maybe that will be the full time modeling for them, and exciting for me. 


Maggie Jablonski, Julia Bergshoeff, Kristine Froseth

Kristine Froseth has joined Copenhagen fashion week before NYFW

New York Fashion Week Schedule 

Julia Bergshoeff, Maartje Verhoef, Lieke van Houten



Focusing on relation of Karl Lagerfeld, he worked with two new girls, Maartje and Lexi(Sasha appeared at Chanel Ad Campaign). Maartje's this career is very fresh in my image for him. Lexi's career has been brightful, and Maartje too. I thought Maartje's direction is not same as Lexi and Sasha before know this job. But something new connected exactly. 


Numéro #156 September 2014 by Karl Lagerfeld
Maartje Verhoef, Lexi Boling, Sasha Luss
glossynewsstand.com via Oxymore

Binx Walton, her existence could be one of highlights in models for fashion week. Her experience of  Chanel Ad Campaign with Cara let me have confidence. I'm not only talking about her career, about talentful personality like Cara. It's very important models industry now. 

それともう一人、今回のファッションウィークで核になりそうなモデルのひとりですが、自分的にはBinxが前進するんじゃないかと思ってます。理由はタレント性といいますか、他のモデルにないおもしろい性格が彼女の特徴であったりします。CaraやJulia Noobisもそうですが、意外にこういった面白いモデルってなかなかいないんですよね、他メディアにも通用しそうな雰囲気って。

Binx Walton for Chanel 2014 AW Campaign  by Karl Lagerfeld


Julia Bergshoeff


Ophelie Guillermand

Maja Salamon

Anya Lyagoshina
 The Society Management

The Society Management /instagram

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