Cam Kerekes, Estelle Chen...New faces from 2015AW Part4

New faces from 2015AW Part4

Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquiere, Choe, Proenza Schouler, and Maison Margiela by John Galliano. It's not difficult to recognize that the new rising spires had influence to push models more higher. It could be equal to Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga. 
So, my last article about new faces from 2015AW is for the relevance between brands and models. Every brands have already establieshed definition of expression for its creativity, they always made my expectation more bullish. Many of them are still walking on the inherent ground, but it is expanded now. For instance, Marjan Jonkman's walking for Miu Miu from Saint Laurent. 

Valentino has similier direction like Chloe, but they have more sweety, more firm to feel me strong confidece. I don't post about Valentino in this article, because I already posted about them. I think its muses could be Paula Galecka and Lauren de Graaf.

Paula Galecka, Maria Czerniak... 2015AW Newfaces Part2

Lauren de Graaf, Noa Vermeer...2015AW New Faces Part3

最後となる2015AW新人モデルの紹介はそんな各ブランドが放つ新しいミューズ達を探す、パート1から3までとはちょっと違う見方になります。彼女達の可能性は段階的に見る必要があり、PradaやAlexander Wangなどの強いキャリアもありますが、違う道もあるということを認識してもらえれば幸いです。最近ではMarjan JonkmanがサンローランデビューからMiu Miuのランウェイに繋げたのが良い例ですね。Grace Hartzel は言うまでもなく。
Valentinoに関してはクロエと似た傾向にありますが、彼らのキャスティングはクロエ以上に一貫性が強く、かなり強い自信を感じることができます。今回Valentinoについては書いてませんが、前回のPaula GaleclaとLauren de Graafが彼らのミューズに繋がると自分は予想しています。

Paula Galecka, Maria Czerniak... 2015AW Newfaces Part2

Lauren de Graaf, Noa Vermeer...2015AW New Faces Part3

Cam Kerekes from Saint Laurent 2015AW


Saint Laurent 2015AW


Varvara Shutova from Saint Laurent 2015AW




Jenna Castilloux from Saint Laurent 2015AW


Saint Laurent 2015AW & 2015SS


Katya Ledneva from Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela by John Galliano


Estelle Chen from Louis Vuitton 


Louis Vuitton 2015AW


Lucan Gillespie from Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton 2015AW


She debuted by J.W. Anderson F/W 13.14 AD Campaign

facebook/J.W. Anderson

Frida Munting from Chloe




Heloise Giraud from Chloe


Chloe 2015AW


Emma Genier from Proenza Schouler


Proenza Schouler 2015AW


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