Fashion Week 2017SS has started already

New York Fashion Week has already started, i want you to know about a big environmental change. To put it briefly, especially newfaces could have hard time more than ever, i mean it even new Prada girls from latest Ad Campaign 2016FW.

I felt two messages from Prada 2016SS and 2016AW. 1st face in Prada is not Cinderella story by 2016SS, and very unclear by 2016AW at its ad Campaign. Prada said itself.
There Are 27 Models in Prada's Fall 2016 Campaign

Valentino made a latest ad campaign with different casting, because Maria Grazia Chiuri left Valentino to Dior, Pier Paolo Piccioli for Valentino as a single designer.
A trend faces trendless sometimes, now the models industry is facing trendless. Hedi Slimane,  Alber Elbaz left you know. Maria Grazia Chiuri left Valentino to Dior, Pier Paolo Piccioli for Valentino as a single designer. It's good for Russian models to Raf Simons is back to Calvin Klein, but still not clear for casting. 

Power designer's leaving happened unclear environment to be risk off.

But don't worry about environment. Brands, designers, and casting directors are always giving chances to models to high.  Models must answer that, answer is walking, just walking at will. You must not only see for what it is, but also for what it could be.


Adに関してはValentinoも同じで、Maria Grazia ChiuriがDiorに移籍したことを受けて、今までにないキャスティングのAdを公開しました。

Hedi Slimane、Alber Elbazの退任はもうご存知かと思いますし、Maria Grazia Chiuriの移籍もモデル達にとってはどうなるかまだはっきりしません。ロシアンモデル達にとってはRaf SimonsのCalvin Kleinはうれしいことになるかもしれませんが、まだそれもはっきりしてない状況。

Fernanda Hin Lin Ly, Estella Boersma

 Estella at Rodarte, amazing!


Rina Fukushi

Alexander Wang 2017SS

 Willow Hand

Anna Sui 2017SS

 Annika Krijt, Barbora Podzimkova, Estelle Chen,

Greta Varlese, Adrienne Jülige

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